Pheromone colognes have their way of getting around in the social scenes. Pheromone colognes are no exception because they actually do increase the effects of attraction that most women love about men. There are many different types of pheromone colognes out there but today I am going to share just a few of the favorites that I would have to recommend to you.

My Favorite Pheromone Colognes

Max Attractionpheromone cologne is one of them. I recently bought this one and was blown away by it. It actually smells great and it allows women to be more at ease with me while we are conversating. I also noticed them be more interested in me and what I had to say versus not wearing anything at all. Life has changed for me a bit since I have been using pheromone colognes.

Another one of my favorites is Chikara pheromone cologne. It has a clean fresh scent about it that I love. Women seem to follow me around everywhere while I wear this one.

If you are a fan of Acqua di Gio for men, then you will like Pherazone pheromones. I also like this one because it stands side by side with my favorite cologne of all time, which you already know is Acqua di Gio. I have had the most compliments on this one because it truly stands out above the rest.

It is both appealing and most alluring to women that I come in contact with. Each and every time I step out of the house I wear a pheromone cologne of my liking and I know and feel confident for the rest of the day. It seems like I already know how the day will turn out because that is how I usually experience the best things in life. Learn more at

Pheromones For Men Really Work

Pheromones for men have never been more accessible these days. They are portable, light and ready to go when you are ready to do so. Just a spray or two on the pulse points usually does the trick for fast and effective results of increased attraction and intimacy among members of the opposite sex. If you are interested in learning more about how pheromones simply attract the best qualities then check our Pheromone FAQ’s.

Wim Her Over With Pheromones

Despite all of this, she still liked me. I really didn’t do or say anything stupid, at this point. So, I thought that everything was fine between us. Can you believe that she actually wrapped her legs around me once, but I messed up. This is something that I still want to cry about. How did I mess up? Well, I didn’t move fast enough. I could have kissed her, but stupid me didn’t make my move. I was so inexperienced with women that I froze. The moment completely escaped me.

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