Online poker is popular now a days’ as it’s convenient to play anywhere and everywhere. It’s also quicker than the live ones and a person can play multiple tables at a time if he wants. But here are a few poker domino tips and tricks to get you going when venturing into the online gaming zone.

  • Get used to the newer aspects that are exclusive to the online environment of casino gaming before you dive head first. Features such as the time-bank, the cashier page, betting page and others are places to be explored and understood beforehand.
  • Start out by playing a single table at a time. It’s always tempting to start playing multiple tables at the first available chance, but it’s better to get a hang of the technical aspects of online poker. Once winning at a single table is consistent, then adding one table at a time will help getting used to playing multi-tables.


poker domino

  • Avoid distractions in the beginning. It’s suggested to not get chatting with the players, losing track of the game by watching television, surfing the web etc. as these might make the player make a mistake unknowingly.
  • There is no rule to play every hand that is dealt in poker domino. This is an important tip to keep in mind as players tend to get engrossed in the game and they play every game though the cards distributed are not worth giving the game a shot. It’s good to know when to fold.
  • Simple hardware upgrades can be of great help. Things like an ergonomic chair is a must to sit comfortably and play your favorite game because sitting uncomfortable will not only be uncomfortable but can cause a lot of back pain in the long run. Similarly a poor resolution monitor will be a cause for your eyes to strain, especially if you play continuously.
  • Adding to the above, there is no reason to stay in the game just because you are already in. You can fold even after the game has begun.

Though simple we tend to lose track and forget these tiny but mighty tips that will save us from being bankrupt!

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